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Talking about your feelings and thoughts may not be a traditional or typical Southern thing, however, people lately in the Atlanta area has realized that talking with a supportive person CAN make you feel better. The healing power of words, both spoken and heard, can make you feel better quicker than trying to just "get over it". Whether you have PTSD, Personal Growth issues, Self Esteem issues, Relationship issues, Codependence issues, or even if you just want to get well through alternative wellness therapies, Grounding Flight can help you by listening, talking it out with you, and helping you understand that you aren't alone and that you CAN get better.

Grounding Flight is your safe haven. A good therapist doesn't tell you how to live your life, they just give you a better insight on the play book you are following. If you have enough self-awareness that you need a helping hand, then talk therapy and it's benefits should come easy and naturally to you. We will work with you to get you in a better mindset and on your way to being happier and healthier. Therapy is more like the Peachtree Road Race and not a sprint. It may take you a while, but eventually you will cross the finish line and accomplish the goal you set for yourself.


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