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Life often presents us with challenges that stretch our capacity. Often these challenges show up in our childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood. Other times they show up in our adult life through divorce, illness, or life transitions. Sometimes we can work our way through them on our own or with the comfort of friends and family. Sometimes we need more skilled support.
The symptoms we feel in our mental health or spiritual angst are the cries of our wounds seeking healing. These cries can come in the form of distressing thoughts, difficult emotions, or body pains that don't respond to other interventions. 
If you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD, depression, or feeling stuck in life or in your existing therapy, Grounding Flight is your safe haven. A good therapist doesn't tell you how to live your life, they offer support and insight that allow you to heal and life the authentic life you desire. 

Grounding Flight is a leading pioneer in the integration of Internal Family Systems therapy and Ketamine assisted psychotherapy since 2019.  Ketamine opens our access to our inner world; IFS provides the map and skills to navigate this inner world for profound and lasting change.
Grounding Flight specializes in expert level Ketamine assisted Internal Family Systems (K-IFS) therapy and holistic Trauma recovery.

Therapy Services

Grounding Flight for Professional Therapists - Concrescence Institute

Providing a safe space to nurture those in our care is both an honor and a primary responsibility for care professionals. In order to provide our best professional care, therapists and care professionals must also care for our self. One care to care for the professional part of us is to be a part of a collegial community that allows each of us to contribute to the collective wisdom of the group and build professional relationships. Good professional relationships can powerfully enhance our own well-being and effectiveness. Connection with trusted colleagues is key to processing our interactions with clients, and what is going on within us — which we all need to do throughout our lives and professional growth.

Psychedelic Therapy Training


The goal of our psychedelic therapy training program is to provide clinicians and ceremonialists with the tools you need to skillfully and safely hold space for consciousness medicine healing work.  Training is IFS centered and draws on additional somatic, neurologic, and spiritual resources to deepen and expand your skills as a sitter, guide, or psychedelic assisted therapist.


My training includes:

  • Ketamine assisted therapy (2019) from KTC
  • MDMA assisted therapy (2021) from MAPS
  • Plant medicine apprenticeship (2021) from Costa Rican Maestro
  • Psilocybin clinical trial session facilitator

 Advanced IFS Training and Consultation

As a Certified Level 3 IFS therapist with direct training from Dick Schwartz and IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant with over 15 years of post Level 1 experience, I provide a variety of workshops and supervision/consultation hours accepted by IFSI. Engaging in additional learning and consultation with a highly skilled and experienced provider can open new doors and deepen understanding for IFS therapists to better support their patients.

Offering expertise in:

  • Trauma and Dissociation
  • Spirituality
  • Somatic IFS
  • Medicine work
  • Advanced IFS topics (Legacy burdens, UBs, "stuck" progress)