Affective Movement

Affective Movement

Affective Movement is a series of movement practices that each work together to move us towards greater awareness of our bodies and the interface to the brain, connection to our full embodiment, and a deeper felt sense of grounding and authenticity. This is movement that is available to ALL bodies and is more about how you feel and know through your body than what your body looks like. It is movement for life and for living. It is only when you know your body that you can understand how to maintain or reshape your body into what feels right for YOU.

Class Descriptions

Movement Lab

Movement Lab is all about somatic and movement exploration. It functions as a "teaser" or "preview" for classes that will included in the larger Affective Movement program. Movement practices included in upcoming Movement Labs will include Floor Flow, aerial yoga, restorative movement (gentle stretching and fascia care), chakra flow and meditation, communal rhythms and body drumming, contemporary pole dance, and more!!

Movement Labs are limited to 6 participants.



Floor Flow

Floor Flow is a brand of movement instruction that fuses primal movement and dance-based floor work techniques into easy-to-learn sequences that emphasize fluidity, control, and joint mobility. Floor Flow was developed by Marlo Fisken.

Floor Flow is a combination of moving meditation, full body self-massage, and gentle flowing movements that can contribute to greater ease in transitioning from floor to standing in your daily life. It provides a framework for creativity, mindfulness, playfulness, pleasure, and exploration while you grow in connection to and enjoyment of your embodied self, flexibility, balance, strength, musicality, and somatic awareness or proprioception (the sense of the relative position of one's own parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement).

Floor Flow requires no equipment, but socks, knee pads, and sleeves are recommended for some techniques.

For more information about Floor Flow, please visit

Floor Flow is limited to 6 participants

Floor Flow will begin as Movement Lab: Floor Flow in January 2018

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