Individual Therapy

I firmly believe that every person can benefit from working with a therapist. Let's face it...none of us get through childhood and adolescence scot free. We all have experiences that have caused us emotional, relational, and/or physical pain. Psychotherapy, at its best, provides a safe and supportive relational environment to help heal emotional and relational injuries from the past, untangle outdated and now unhelpful coping strategies developed to deal with the hurts, and gain the skills and understanding needed to move forward in life with stability and flexibility to handle the future.

Grounding Flight Wellness offers psychotherapy services for adolescent (15+) and adult individuals and specializes in trauma recovery/PTSD, vocational discernment and school success, anxiety/depression, self-injury, and identity exploration. My clinical orientation is client-centered, holistic, parts-welcoming, and embodied.

Choosing a therapist to partner with to achieve your personal goals can feel daunting but can be one of the most life-enhancing decisions you make. Grounding Flight offers a welcoming and comfortable environment so you can feel at home, comfortable, and safe. We realized that there is more to you than the challenges you are currently facing and help you access your innate wisdoms to be more clearly you!

Appointments for individual therapy can be made by emailing me at [email protected], completing the contact form, or call/texting 678-631-7630.

Distance Counseling

Distance Counseling is available for individuals located in the states of Georgia and Illinois. Please contact Dr. Baldwin, LPC to see if distance counseling may be a good option you :)

Group Therapy

Women's Process Group: Join with other women to build community, explore different parts of your self, and share in a sisterhood of support, wisdom, and authentic living. Members work through life issues including, but not limited to, family/marriage, boundaries, depression, anxiety and self-esteem. WPG will begin forming in January 2018. Please contact Jennifer if you are interested in joining. Group sessions are $30/75 min.


Quarterly 2.5 day self-care and exploration retreats in the mountains outside Jasper, GA. More information coming soon!!

Therapy Models

In addition to the standard therapy resources (talk, visualization, imagery, metaphors, concrete goal setting/implimentation, etc.), I have additional professional training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems is a model of therapy that recognizes the diversity and multiplicity of emotions, thoughts, impulses, sensations, and desires within each of us.  It takes as valid and revealing the experiences we all have of being pulled in different directions or being confused at how part of us knows what to do yet we don’t always do what we know is best.  The bumper sticker motto of IFS is “All Parts Are Welcome.”  The idea is that when we can consciously identify and care for the various components of who we are then we are better equipped to care for ourselves and respond in the world in a way that is more authentic and wise. It acknowledges that all of us are composed of many parts and utilizes the strengths of all our parts to grow into the fullness of who we can be while caring for the parts of us that have been injured in previous life events. By acknowledging all our parts, meeting the needs of parts that were injured in the past, and gaining awareness and access to our innate center/spirit/soul/self, each person is freer to cultivate contemporary relationship and connections in a healthful way. IFS psychotherapy is primarily focused on exploring the connections between past and present patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a form of therapy that mimics the brain’s natural memory processing mechanisms to assist in the resolution of traumatic memories.  Traumatic memories are those that get “stuck” or “frozen” in time and keep haunting us.  While these types of memories that are readily identified as traumatic including experiences of assault, abuse, car accidents, sudden deaths, medical interventions, etc, they can also include experiences that were traumatic to us even if not recognized as trauma by others, including, for example, the loss of a romantic partner, receiving a medical diagnosis, caring for a loved one, or experiences of shame that continue to hold us back.  EMDR was developed as a means of resolving these stuck and haunting experiences and allowing the past to remain in the past so you can move towards your future.

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