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Acceptance concept.

Clients often come to therapy with the intention to “change.” The particulars of the change vary from person to person—a desire to be happier in a relationship, to move past a traumatic experience, to be rid of feelings of anxiety or depression—but change is nearly always the heart of what brings folks into therapy. While change is an inevitable part of life, many of us resist change tooth-and-nail while longing to grow and flourish. Changing the aspects of our lives that cause us pain or dis/ease is difficult for us all. One of the reasons that change is difficult is because we too often skip one of the most important steps that help us get to the growth we desire…..acceptance. In his commencement address to his alma mater, multi-talented screen-writer, director, and producer Joss Whedon stated, “Peace comes with the acceptance of the part of you who is never at peace.” Acceptance does not mean giving up on the hope of growth or falling into complacency in a less than life enhancing situation. Rather, acceptance means first acknowledging the situation, person, or part of you as it currently is. We can’t change what we can’t acknowledge or name. Only once we fully embody the first step of acceptance can we then cultivate the curiosity, compassion, exploration, permission, and tries that move us towards the change we desire.

December 18, 2017

Welcome to Grounding Flight’s New and Improved Website

Hello and welcome.  My name is Nick Cappello and I’m the webmaster for Grounding Flight.  Our little website here has been through many changes, but the […]
November 20, 2017

American Academy of Religion

Paper Presentation:     “Resiliency of Mind, Body, and Spirit: Tracing the Wisdoms of Judith Herman, Bessel van der Kolk, and Embodied Spiritual Practices for Constructing Trauma […]
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